Other SDA Offshoots

This article is also found on SevyTaliban: Ex-Adventist Cults – sister-site dedicated to extreme ex-Adventist cult-leaders and their groups.
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Some well-known ex-Adventist cults explored in Sevy-Taliban: Ex-Adventist Cults include:
- David Koresh and the Branch Davidians
- Wayne Bent and the Lord Our Righteousness (LOR)
- Walter McGill and the Creation Seventh Day Adventist Church (CSDA)
- John Thiel and the Historic Adventist Sabbath Society (HASS)
- Walter J. Veith and Amazing Discoveries
- Christopher Hudson of ForeRunner Chronicles
- Samuel Pipim and EAGLESonline


  1. Do you know of any Adventist, from an offshoot or no, that claims, claimed, or supposedly demonstrates/demonstrated the prophetic gift other than Ellen White and Ernie Knoll?

  2. Ellen white was a true prophet, but as for false prophets, Ron Beaulieu from Alberta Canada

  3. yes, Ron Beaulieu. @ omega77.tripod.com


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